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FAQs About Children's Therapy

Children's therapy refers to those therapeutic methods and interventions designed to address a child's specific emotional, cognitive, developmental, nutritional, and physical needs - as they navigate through their developmental years into adulthood. If you live in and around Spring Lake, NJ, and would like to learn more about available therapy services, contact Children's Wellness & Developmental Center to learn more about our available integrative children's therapy options.

What Are the Common Reasons a Child May Benefit From Therapy?

A child may benefit in a variety of ways from children's therapy as it offers viable solutions to issues that children find challenging. The treatment may help with- 

  • Developmental Delays or Learning Challenges
  • Speech/Language Issues
  • Behavioral Challenges or Emotional/Social Difficulties
  • Motor Skill Difficulties
  • Sensory Processing Issues
  • Trauma
  • Mental Health Concerns.

What Are the Benefits of Children’s Therapy?

The objective of children's therapy is to improve a child's functioning in the world, enhancing their quality of life and optimizing their potential. These changes lead to improved self-esteem, independence, academic performance, and social interaction. Various types of children's therapy have the potential to –

  • Develop the child's communication skills and physical abilities. 
  • Nurture a child's ability to regulate their behavioral choices/emotions. 
  • Help a child develop healthy nutritional habits that can last a lifetime. 

It is noted that children's therapy is also an excellent resource for parental/caregiver guidance and support. 

How Long Does Children’s Therapy Typically Last?

The duration of therapy varies and typically concludes when the child has overcome or mastered what was required to solve the issue. Some children may only need a short-term approach, while other children may have needs that will require ongoing therapy. A therapist at Children's Wellness & Developmental Center will work with the family to set up objectives that help define the duration.

What’s the Parent’s Role in Children’s Therapy?

A child's parent(s) typically plays a critical and essential role in the therapy process for their child. In addition to acting as an important advocate for the child, a parent also –

  • Reinforces therapy objectives in the child's daily life.
  • Encourages and supports the child's progress by participating in parent training.
  • Attends therapy sessions with their child.

How Do I Know If My Child Needs Therapy?

If you have concerns/questions about your child's development, behavioral or academic growth, or overall well-being, contact the Children's Wellness & Developmental Center in Spring Lake, NJ, for additional information or a consultation. A staff member can be reached online or at (732) 919-1335.

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