After years of struggling for answers, I finally found someone who really heard what I was saying. After my first visit I knew right away that I needed to bring both of my children here. Kerri is an incredible listener who has been as dedicated to the health of my children as I am. She is always willing to problem solve as many times as it takes to get to the root of the issue. It's so easy to communicate with the office and get help quickly whenever I need it!

Dana J

I am so happy I found the Children's Wellness and Developmental Center. I have been so fortunate to have Kerri D'Onofrio oversee the care of my child. Her holistic approach to medicine has made a huge difference on my child's behaviors and well being. She truly listens to my concerns, and takes an individualized approach to my child's care.

Rebecca K.

The office is beautiful and the staff is very friendly and helpful. We went to see Kerri Donofrio, the nurse practitioner, for our son. We loved her holistic, individualized approach. She listened and was very attentive. I am so happy that I found the Children’s Wellness and Developmental Center!!

Ronald B.

Immediately upon entering CWD Center you feel cared for and at ease. From the front desk to the practitioners/therapists, the staff is personable, accommodating and empathetic. The providers are knowledgeable in their area of expertise and truly provide an individualized treatment plan

Collen B.

Kerri D’onofrio has been life-changing for our family. She has treated both my children now for 2 plus years. After many years of seeing more than a dozen specialists for my one son with autism, we decided to see Kerri to guide us on a biomedical route. She has done so with care, with patience, with expertise and with the same goals in mind as I do: To make my son feel better. I decided to take my other son to see her after seeing so much success with my other child. Though his challenges and medical issues are different, Kerri was successful in guiding us on his health journey, despite seeing many specialists over the years with no definite answers. The journey of a parent with a child with special needs is long, hard and exhausting. Kerri has gone above and beyond helping our family. She is hard-working, encouraging, and knowledgeable. This home holds her biggest fans!

Nicole V.

I would like to take this time to shout out one of my daughter’s biggest helpers in this Autism and SPD journey. We call her Ms. Kerri. She has helped my Nelly so much. Seen many a tear from me. And always puts the kids first. She takes an all natural approach to helping out kids. Be it autism, ADD, ADHD or any other disabilities. She works from within the child. She does blood work to check all levels inside the child. You would be so surprised to see that a simply vitamin addition or probiotic can change your whole child’s life. I was hesitant at first but as a mom to a daughter with Autism and Sensory processing disorder, I wasn’t going to not take the chance. Ms. Kerri and her practice have been beyond a blessing to my daughter and I. Thank you for all you do for not only my baby girl but all the kids you care for. I know us parents are forever eternally grateful

Donita N.

Our family is so grateful to the Children’s Wellness & Developmental Center. Our 2 year old son was not speaking and did not have a diagnosis. After being evaluated by Kerri D’Onofrio, we were guided on how to receive services for our son. After receiving speech therapy, within a few months our son was speaking. We will be forever grateful!!!

Anita S.

A great resource…honest, compassionate and knowledgeable.

Jessica M.

We started this journey when our son was 3 year 8 months old. Henry had such severe behaviors, he was already removed from 2 preschools and we were desperate. After being placed on a gluten free/ casein free diet ( our family thought we were nuts), it was like night and day. He no longer had any negative behaviors and was doing amazing in school. At first our family did not believe it, but after giving Henry pizza and cookies at a family party, his behaviors were so bad, my family said they would never do it again. Thank you Kerri and Kate for giving us our loving boy back!!

Eliza A.

Over the years, I had been on several medications to treat my anxiety and depression. I dropped out of school and secluded myself to my home. Nothing was working for me. My mom had done a lot of research on alternative therapy and we found Kerri D’Onofrio. After learning I had MTHFR mutation and using the correct supplements, my life drastically changed. I am no longer on any psychotropic medication. I now take several supplements and eat a healthy diet. And I am happy to say, I am back in school and have my life back!!! My advice to anyone who is suffering with anxiety or depression, get the right help, you too can have your life back!!!

I want to thank Kerri for being so patient and for giving me the professional guidance and solutions I needed!!

Cara S.

The Children’s Wellness & Developmental Center is the most amazing place. Everyone is so kind and compassionate. I have a 13 year old daughter with autism, who does always like to wait or be told no. But the staff is so helpful they always make sure we go right in and give her what she needs. Thank you!

Sue E.

My children have been seeing Kerri D’Onofrio for years. I have 5 year old twins, Ava has autism and Hope has ADHD.   Ava was non-verbal and we were about to give up, but Kerri D’Onofrio told us to continue traditional and biomedical therapy. And then it happened, I went to Ava’s school one day to bring her lunch and I walked in and he said “hi mommy”. I cried happy tears for hours. It was such a big moment to hear my baby speak. I am so glad I did not give up.

Sara H.

We could never have accomplished the succus with our son, Jack, without the Children’s Wellness & Developmental Center. Jack had a great school year. Jack was able to sit and attend. He is no longer hyperactive or impulsive, since changing his diet and adding his supplements.

Jack Z.

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