Nutritional Counseling


Based on your individual needs our experienced Board-Certified Nutrition Specialist, will take the time to listen to all your concerns and develop a plan based on your bio-individual needs. Whether you need a specific diet, individual meal planning, wellness and lifestyle counseling or just need guidance on eating a well-balanced diet for a healthy lifestyle, our nutritionist can help you make sense of what your brain and body needs to thrive.

Our Nutritionist is an expert in her field, treating children and adults. She prides herself on treating the whole family, by using therapeutic and specialty diets such as gluten-free, casein free, soy free (GF/CF/SF), dairy-free, sugar-free, Feingold, FODMAP, low oxalate, Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), GAPS, elimination diets and more…

What to expect during your initial visit: 

  • a detailed health history and review of current concerns to get to the root cause
  • a review of blood work or lab testing if applicable
  • recommendations on further lab testing or blood work such as Advanced Diagnostic Testing based on your individual needs, such as: IgE food allergy testing, IgG food sensitivity testing, ONE ( Optimal Nutritional Evaluation), Amino Acid Profile and individual plan to get you started with specific recommendations on nutritional interventions, meal plans, lifestyle modification and resources for you to be successful

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