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3 Proven Tips to Help Your Child Through Transitions

Do you find that your child particularly struggles with transitions during the day? Do they yell, cry, or whine when they have to go from one activity to the next? Here are some ways to help your child with those tricky transitions. 

Discuss the schedule:

One way to help your child with transitions, is to discuss the schedule of how the day, or a specific part of the day will go. Children (and adults) do better when they know what is coming, and what to expect. If your child is older, a conversation about the events of the day will be helpful. If your child is younger, consider making a visual schedule to review with your child. 

Give warning:

Another way to help your child through transitions is by giving your child plenty of warning before its time to transition. When your child’s time on the playground is ending, explain, “We have time for 5 more pushes on the swing” or, “choose your last activity at the playground before we have to say bye to your friends.”

+Tip: Try a visual timer to help your child understand time, and the amount of time they have left. You can even give your child the responsibility of starting the timer. 

Try a transition activity: 

A third way to help your child through transitions is by having them focus on a transition activity. An example of a transition activity is having your child march to the car, or count all of the red leaves they see on the way to the parking lot, “It’s time for us to head home. Let’s see how many blue cars we can find on the way to our car.” This allows them to pay attention to the activity, instead of becoming upset that they must leave the playground.

With these tips, your child should feel more confident about his/her schedule, and should feel  self-assured that they can conquer the day. 

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