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Are You Listening to These Behavioral Health Podcasts, Yet?

Have you listened to these behavioral health podcasts, yet? Here are some podcasts we recommend, and don't forget to check out our favorite episodes, too. 

Catch-Up on Kids Mental Health

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Catch-Up on Kids Mental Health is a podcast series to help you better understand and support children as they navigate mental health challenges and the everyday stresses of life. In each episode, child-focused therapist Janet Morrison shares stories and evidence-based research covering a variety of topics related to children’s mental health and behavioral health.

Our Favorite Episode:

Episode 19:  How Therapy In Schools Brings Parents, Teachers and Children Together

In this episode, Janet, a child-focused therapist, and Sandy Poulson, a registered psychotherapist, discuss when therapy is right for a child and how parents, teachers, therapists, and children can work together to benefit a child’s behavioral health. 

Child in Mind

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In each episode, Claudia Hammond discusses an important issue in child and family mental health with an expert and a young person or parent.

Our Favorite Episode:

What is ADHD and what help is available for children with ADHD?

In this episode, Claudia Hammond invites Dr Jeanette Phillips, a Consultant Child Psychiatrist, and Minesh, whose 10 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD to discuss what ADHD is and what help is available to those diagnosed with ADHD. This episode also discusses the impact of ADHD on the family as a whole. 

The Behavioral Observations Podcast

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In this podcast, Matt Cicoria interviews professionals to discuss behavioral issues in youth populations. Topics include discussions of Applied Behavior Analysis, anxiety, language development, behavior plans, and more. 

Our Favorite Episode:

How to Help Individuals with Anxiety: Session 187 with Steve Ward

Matt Cicoria interviews Steve Ward to discuss a new strategy to help alleviate anxiety, "calm counts." Ward finds that this strategy particulary helps populations with limited verbal communication. 

Real Talk About Children’s Mental Health

Listen Here

This podcast is hosted by Laura Le Fever, who interviews experts to discuss mental, social and behavioral health challenges for children and families. 

Our Favorite Episode:

Episode 5: What does Early Childhood Behavioral Health mean? 

In this episode, Laura Le Fever and Andrea Rodgers, Clinical Manager of Early Childhood Behavioral Health Services at The Children’s Center, discuss what behavioral health looks like from in utero to age 6. Rodgers also discusses symptoms to be aware of and strategies to help a child’s behavioral health. 

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