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5 Tips for Successful Summer Travel with Kids

This summer, many families are ready to leave home, and embark on new adventures with the kids. But, before heading out on that road trip or airplane ride, check out these 5 tips to make your summer travel with kids a successful and memorable trip. 

  1. Don’t leave home without a plan!

When it comes to traveling with children, it’s best to start with a plan. This should include a route of sights to see and places to stay. For a successful trip, go over your plan with everyone in the family. The change in routine can make some children feel anxious or worried, so be sure to explain the expectations. Here are some questions that will be important to discuss before starting your trip:

  • How will we get there?

  • What are the expectations when in the car/train/plane?

  • What will the sleeping accommodations be?

  • Who will we see?

  • How long will we be gone?

  • What sites will we see?

  • What should we pack?

  1. Get the kids involved!

When children get involved in the planning, they become more invested in the trip and excited about the memories they’ll make. Children of all ages can help plan your summer travel. Here’s a list of ways to get your children involved:

Younger Children:

  • Use visual cards to allow children to help pack suitcases

  • Let children plan and pack snacks for the trip

  • Create a scrapbook for children to draw pictures during their journey

  • Allow children to determine the entertainment they need for the trip (podcasts, shows, books, games etc.)

Older Children:

  • Use a budget to plan hotels, airlines, car rentals,etc. 

  • Read travel books to decide on sights to see

  • Create a map/ itinerary to explore a destination (town, amusement park, city, etc.)

  • Create an audio playlist for the car ride

  1. Find ways to release energy!

Whether it’s a long train ride, car ride, or airplane ride, travel days can take a lot out of everyone. Build in ways for your child to burn off some of their extra energy. This might include starting the day with some outdoor activities, like a bike ride or a trip to the playground. Or, indoor games like Simon Says, Red Light/ Green Light, and Follow the Leader can be helpful to release some energy when you’re in a smaller indoor space. 

  1. Don’t forget the entertainment!

The entertainment on your trip can be one of the best ways to make memories with your family. With a little bit of planning, you can say good-bye to, “I’m Bored,” and say hello to special family bonding moments. Here are some simple ideas to entertain the whole family during your travels:

On Travel Days:

  • Podcasts

  • Audiobooks 

  • Mad Libs

  • Listen to an upbeat playlist

At Your Destination:

  • Board Games

  • Read aloud books

  • Movies

  • Scavenger Hunts

  1. Have fun!

As some might say, traveling with kids can feel like more of a trip, than a vacation. But, with a little bit of patience, and planning ahead of time, it can truly be a memory that everyone will hold onto. Even if everything doesn’t go quite to plan, don’t forget to have fun and cherish the moments together. 

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