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Signs of Autism in Children

Do you think that your child may have autism? The providers at Children's Wellness & Developmental Center in Spring Lake, NJ can help you determine if autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or another issue is responsible for your child's symptoms.

Signs that could mean that your child has autism

Every child is unique and may not have exactly the same ASD symptoms. Although these signs and symptoms are often associated with autism, they don't absolutely mean that your child has the disorder:

  • Eye Contact Problems: Children with autism may struggle to make or hold eye contact.
  • Delayed Language: Kids who have autism may start talking later, may struggle to understand language or may not speak, in some cases.
  • Special Interests: Dinosaurs, trains and other topics can be endlessly fascinating to children with ASD.
  • Hand Flapping, Toe Walking, Rocking: These movements may be a normal part of development or might be an indication that your child has ASD.
  • Need for Routines: Routines are very important to many children who have autism. An unexpected change in your son or daughter's normal schedule can be very upsetting and may trigger a meltdown.
  • Repetitive Behaviors: Does your child repeat words or line up his or her toys instead of playing with them? These behaviors can be signs of autism.
  • Social Problems: Kids with autism may have trouble making or keeping friends and often struggle to understand the complex, often unspoken rules society has regarding social interactions.
  • Texture Issues: Your child may find the tags in clothing or the seams in socks very uncomfortable.
  • Noises and Lights: Children who struggle with autism may be bothered by bright lights or loud noises, even if others don't consider them a problem.
  • Lack of Emotion: Your child may not show any outward lack of emotion or may not seem to respond appropriately when someone is sad or hurt. (That doesn't mean that he or she doesn't have any emotions. Children with autism may have very intense feelings but might not express them the same way other children do.)

During an integrative medical evaluation for autism at the Spring Lake, NJ, office, we'll conduct a few tests and assessments that will help us determine if your child has ASD. Individual and family therapy available at our office and referrals for speech, occupational, behavioral and other therapies can be helpful if your child is diagnosed with autism.

Would you like to schedule an autism evaluation at Children's Wellness & Developmental Center for your child? Make your child's appointment with the Spring Lake, NJ, providers, Ms. D'Onofrio, Ms. Hope and Ms. Kubas, by calling (732) 919-1335.

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